2013 Breeders Invitational
Derby Open $10K Finals Results
Place   Horse   Rider   Owner Score Payout
1st CATCH A STARLIGHT Lee Francois Richard Carney 221 $20,962.71
2nd RBR LADY BOON Morgan Cromer Holy Cow Performance Horses 218.5 $16,801.08
T-3rd COUNTACULAR Matt Gaines Kyle & Charlene Aymond 217.5 $12,436.90
T-3rd GARYS STRAY CAT Casey Carson Dan Churchill 217.5 $12,436.90
5th SPIN TO YOU Kenny Platt Robert D. Tregemba 216 $9,324.91
T-6th MIGHTY FINE BADGER Darren Simpkins Slate River Ranch 215 $7,465.06
T-6th SOMEBODYS SPOTS HOT Adan Banuelos Clarence A Williams Jr. 215 $7,465.06
8th STARLIGHT SMOOTHIE Jonathan Rogers Marlin Jones 214 $6,857.39
9th LITTLE LENAS CAT Kenny Platt Robert D. Tregemba 213.5 $6,452.27
T-10th CATS MADALENA Tate Bennett Anderson Cattle Co. 213 $5,844.60
T-10th TRACKAPEPTO Robbie Boyce Cowan Select Horses, LLC 213 $5,844.60
12th SHE STOLE THE STARS Tate Bennett Anderson Cattle Co. 212 $5,236.93
13th DEE JAY COUGAR Austin Shepard Austin & Stacy Shepard 211.5 $4,831.82
T-14th CANDYSTRIPER Brad Mitchell Painted Springs Farm LLC 210 $4,224.15
T-14th KITTENS N THE KING Phil Hanson Frank & Bonnie Martin 210 $4,224.15
T-16th SDP SUPERDRIVE Pedro Ornelas Gandy Dancers Inc 209 $3,413.92
T-16th SPOON MY DESIRE Chris Johnsrud Cox Trinity Equine LLC 209 $3,413.92
18th SPOTMESOMESUGAR Jody Galyean Gil & Becky Galyean 203 $2,727.27
T-19th ABSOLUT PEPTO TJ Good JLC Performance Horses LLC 0 $2,727.27
T-19th STARZ N BOON Roger Wagner Marvine Ranch 0 $2,727.27