2018 Breeders Invitational
Derby Unlimited Am Gelding Results
Place   Horse   Rider   Owner   Sire Score From Payout
1st DESIRES CHROMED CAT Stacie McDavid David & Stacie McDavid HIGH BROW CAT 218 Finals $2,150.45
T-2nd METALLIC JACK Lachlan Perks Lachlan Perks METALLIC CAT 214 Finals $1,505.32
T-2nd SPOT FANCY CAT James Hooper James & Gail Hooper SPOTS HOT 214 Finals $1,505.32
4th ONE LITTLE ROYALTY Jody Radomske Harland Radomske ONE TIME ROYALTY 214 1st Go $860.18
5th IMA REY KAT Duff Sinclair Billie Aylesworth KIT KAT SUGAR 213.5 1st Go $645.14
T-6th GOOD LOOKIN METALLIC Robert Thigpen Robert Thigpen METALLIC CAT 213 1st Go $250.88
T-6th OUR LITTLE JACK Bobby Woods Pete Woods CATS QUIXOTE JACK 213 1st Go $250.88
GAR QUANAH PARKER Mark Gardiner Mark & Eva Gardiner HICKORYS INDIAN PEP 212 1st Go
THE BIG HIGHBROWSKI Mary Jo Hawkins Tim May HIGH BROW CAT 208 1st Go
TR TO YOU Deb Herold Thomas & Deborah Herold TR DUAL REY 208 1st Go
HUSTLN Melinda Gamot Melinda Gamot METALLIC CAT 205 1st Go
SEVEN S BLUE REY Mike Gregory Michael or Leah Gregory STYLISH REY 197 1st Go
REYSED RICH Madison Crum Beechfork Ranch DUAL REY 187 1st Go
BLUE REYCR Lica Pinkston John & Lica Pinkston DUAL SMART REY 180 1st Go
DMAC HARLAN David McDavid David & Stacie McDavid HIGH BROW CAT 0 1st Go
MJ HESA FOXIE CAT Mark Johnson Mark Johnson BET HESA CAT 0 1st Go
PHARREL David McDavid David & Stacie McDavid METALLIC CAT 0 1st Go
VALENTINO REY Lachlan Perks Lachlan Perks DUAL SMART REY 0 1st Go