2018 Breeders Invitational
Derby NP Gelding Results
Place   Horse   Rider   Owner   Sire Score From Payout
1st SMOOTH LINES Ashley Flynn Sean & Ashley Flynn SMOOTH AS A CAT 221 Finals $2,551.82
2nd CATTY N SMOOTH Michelle Cowan Cowan Ranch Inc CATTY HAWK 215 Finals $2,041.45
3rd BAMA DAWG Cade Shepard Austin & Stacy Shepard HIGH BROW CAT 214 Finals $1,786.27
4th TIMES BE TUFF Scotty Rice Tag Rice WOODY BE TUFF 213.5 Finals $1,403.50
5th ALREADY SMOOTH Kyle Manion Manion Inc, Tommy SMOOTH AS A CAT 213 Finals $1,148.32
6th TELES ONE TIME Cody Hedlund Cody Hedlund ONE TIME ROYALTY 0 Finals $1,020.73
T-7th DAPPER CAT Darren Blanton Darren Blanton HIGH BROW CAT 431 2nd Go $701.75
T-7th REDNECK SKEET SHOOTR Brad Wilson Brad Wilson KIT KAT SUGAR 431 2nd Go $701.75
T-7th SONIC SMOOTH Evan Moffitt Evan Moffitt SMOOTH AS A CAT 431 2nd Go $701.75
T-7th TUFF LIKE SKINNY Sam Good Sam & Leigh Good WOODY BE TUFF 431 2nd Go $701.75