2021 Breeders Invitational
CC Intermediate Am Gelding Results
Place   Horse   Rider   Owner   Sire Score From Payout
1st LONNIE EARL Sharon Beach Sharon Beach SPOTS HOT 217.5 Finals $2,716.56
2nd HIGH REY TO HELL Buster Quirk Plantation Farms HIGH BROW CAT 214.5 Finals $2,231.46
3rd WILLIE J REY Denise Seiz Charlie & Denise Seiz DUAL REY 214 Finals $1,552.32
T-4th BOHEMIANN RHAPSODY Buster Quirk Plantation Farms LLC METALLIC CAT 210 Finals $1,018.71
T-4th PURDY HOT PISTOL Shelly Hall Larry Hall Cutting Horses HOTTISH 210 Finals $1,018.71
6th WOODY BEE SMOOTH Claire Dale Claire Bain WOODY BE TUFF 205 Finals $679.14
7th CR SMART BOOTS Bridey Greeson Sarco Creek Ranch BOON TOO SUEN 194 Finals $485.10
**** The following horses did not make the finals.
8th NITE PROWLER Brenda Higbee Brenda Higbee BET HESA CAT 214 1st Go
9th SWEET TOOTHE June McGee June Roberts McGee KIT KAT SUGAR 213 1st Go
10th CATS N FRECKLES Bob Tregemba Robert D Tregemba HIGH BROW CAT 212 1st Go
11th SR KIT KAT REY Buster Quirk Plantation Farms LLC KIT KAT SUGAR 211.5 1st Go
T-12th GREATER EXPECTATIONS Debra Mullins Debra Mullins THIRD CUTTING 210 1st Go
T-12th METALLIC TEASPOON Jody Radomske Harland Radomske METALLIC CAT 210 1st Go
14th REYSED THAT WAY Richard Minnix Richard or Xandra Minnix DUAL REY 208 1st Go
15th METAL MIKE Rob Kuiper Rob W Kuiper METALLIC CAT 206 1st Go
T-16th MC HAMMER TIME Tye Baca Tye Baca METALLIC CAT 205 1st Go
T-16th SIPPIN ON SUDS Bridey Greeson Sarco Creek Ranch HIGH BROW CD 205 1st Go
T-18th HOT JACKS David House David House CATS QUIXOTE JACK 204 1st Go
T-18th KAT PLAY Hal Harvey Keene Hal Harvey Keene KIT KAT SUGAR 204 1st Go
T-20th BLUED METAL Troy Boutonnet Troy Boutonnet METALLIC CAT 192 1st Go
T-20th KICKIN IT N THE STIX Cortney Morris Jacob Morris CATS MERADA 192 1st Go
22nd CR TUFF THUNDERCAT Carroll Young Carroll's Cutting LLC WOODY BE TUFF 0 1st Go