2021 Breeders Invitational
Cl/Ch Amateur Finals Results
Place   Horse   Rider   Owner   Sire Score BIPayout
1st SWEET LIL PRIME TIME Michelle Reichart Gary & Michelle Reichart SWEET LIL PEPTO 219.5 $10,060.20
2nd TEN BLADE Christina Huntley E J & Audrey Huntley HIGH BROW CAT 218 $8,833.39
T-3rd CORNREY Ken Schultz R K Schultz DUAL SMART REY 217.5 $8,097.28
T-3rd EXS N OHHS Gary Barker Barker Ranch CH LLC KIT KAT SUGAR 217.5 $8,097.28
5th HOTTSHOT Cory Culver Cory Michelle Culver HOTTISH 215 $7,361.16
T-6th BITTERSWEET Charles Russell Bushaw Crown Ranch LP METALLIC CAT 214.5 $6,625.05
T-6th REDHEAD FROM DENVER Lindy Wells Lindy G Wells METALLIC CAT 214.5 $6,625.05
8th WEST END CAT Cristy Erickson Sweet Blessings Ranch LLC SMOOTH AS A CAT 213.5 $5,888.93
T-9th CR SMART BOOTS Bridey Greeson Sarco Creek Ranch BOON TOO SUEN 213 $4,907.44
T-9th CR TUFF THUNDERCAT Carroll Young Carroll's Cutting LLC WOODY BE TUFF 213 $4,907.44
T-9th SPECIAL EDITION CAT Chris Schiller Schiller-Rezabek METALLIC CAT 213 $4,907.44
T-12th BOHEMIANN RHAPSODY Buster Quirk Plantation Farms LLC METALLIC CAT 210 $3,680.58
T-12th SWEET TOOTHE June McGee June Roberts McGee KIT KAT SUGAR 210 $3,680.58
14th HIGH REY TO HELL Buster Quirk Plantation Farms HIGH BROW CAT 209 $2,944.43
15th LOOKS LIKE FOXIE Marcos Chocron-Arocha Marcos A Chocron-Arocha DUAL SMART REY 205 $2,453.72
16th DUAL PRIME TIME Corrie Rousey Corrie Rousey DUAL REY 199 $1,962.98
17th R RATED CAT Hydie McAlister Hydie McAlister HIGH BROW CAT 191 $1,500.00
18th METALLIC MANIA Jessica Feiner SMF Cutting Horses LLC METALLIC CAT 180 $1,500.00
T-19th BORDEAUXX German Lugo German E Lugo BET HESA CAT 0 $1,500.00
T-19th KAT PLAY Hal Harvey Keene Hal Harvey Keene KIT KAT SUGAR 0 $1,500.00
T-19th MISS LACEY Langston Pattillo Pattillo Cutting Horses LLC KIT KAT SUGAR 0 $1,500.00