2021 Breeders Invitational
CC NP Gelding Results
Place   Horse   Rider   Owner   Sire Score From Payout
1st CROWN 57 Chad Bushaw Crown Ranch LP HIGH BROW CD 219 Finals $2,734.20
2nd CATILLAC REYS Elizabeth Quirk Ten-27 Ranch LLC METALLIC CAT 216.5 Finals $2,187.36
3rd SLY CRIMINAL Kylie Rice Kevin or Sydney Knight METALLIC CAT 216 Finals $1,913.94
4th REYSTYLIN SMOOTH Todd Quirk Ten-27 Ranch LLC SMOOTH AS A CAT 215 Finals $1,503.81
5th BOONDEXTEROUS Missy Jean Etheridge Belle Terre Ranch Inc ONCE IN A BLU BOON 214 Finals $1,230.39
T-6th COUGARS DIESEL Bill Lacy Bill & Catherine Lacy HIGH BROW COUGAR 433 2nd Go $1,025.33
T-6th JAE ZEE Kylie Rice Kevin or Sydney Knight BOON TOO SUEN 433 2nd Go $1,025.33
8th BAMA DAWG Tyler Johnson Tyler & Lucchese Johnson HIGH BROW CAT 432.5 2nd Go $820.26
9th DUAL PRIME TIME Corrie Rousey Corrie Rousey DUAL REY 432 2nd Go $683.55
10th BUONVINO Ashley Galyean Ashley Galyean METALLIC CAT 431.5 2nd Go $546.84
**** The following horses did not make the finals.
11th SUGARLESSS Janet Westfall Russ & Janet Westfall KIT KAT SUGAR 430.5 2nd Go
12th SWEET LIL PRIME TIME Michelle Reichart Gary & Michelle Reichart SWEET LIL PEPTO 429 2nd Go
T-13th CR TUFF THUNDERCAT Will Arthur Carroll's Cutting LLC WOODY BE TUFF 428 2nd Go
T-13th NINE LIVES LEFT Mandy Chisum Mandy Chisum HIGH BROW CAT 428 2nd Go
T-15th METALLIC MANIA Jessica Feiner SMF Cutting Horses LLC METALLIC CAT 427.5 2nd Go
T-15th SHORTY KATZ Sheridan Clark Clark Cutting Horses LLC HIGH BROW CAT 427.5 2nd Go
17th CAT ABOUT HOUSTON Austria Arnold Austria Arnold METALLIC CAT 214 2nd Go
18th METALLIC KNIGHT Joe Howard Williamson Lisa Crossen METALLIC CAT 213.5 2nd Go
T-19th CATS LIGHTNING REY Regan Plendl Rick Plendl NRR CAT KING COLE 213 1st Go
T-19th PITT BOSS Kate Banuelos Paula Gaughan HIGH BROW CAT 213 1st Go
T-19th STYLIN FAMILY JEWELS Alexa Stent Peter & Nora Stent DOCS STYLISH OAK 213 1st Go
22nd PARADOX METALLICA Michelle Reichart Gary & Michelle Reichart METALLIC CAT 212 1st Go
23rd A CLASSY CAT Kate Banuelos Kate Banuelos CATS MERADA 211 1st Go
24th HOTT DAWG Bobbie Williamson Joe Howard Williamson HOTTISH 210 1st Go
25th WHITE LIGHTS Mica Chartier Mica or RL Chartier METALLIC CAT 208 1st Go
26th GUNTANAMO REY Kylie Rice Kevin or Sydney Knight DUAL REY 201 1st Go
27th QUESO CAT Kate Banuelos Kate Banuelos HIGH BROW CAT 193 1st Go
T-28th A CAT NAMED JOHNNY Missy Jean Etheridge Belle Terre Ranch Inc METALLIC CAT 0 1st Go
T-28th DURAMAX DUALLY Mary Jo Milner Milner Enterprises LLC DUAL REY 0 1st Go
T-28th TIMESHERR Todd Quirk Plantation Farms LLC ONE TIME PEPTO 0 1st Go