2021 Breeders Invitational
Derby Amateur Gelding Results
Place   Horse   Rider   Owner   Sire Score From Payout
1st PHAR OUT C J Pease C J Pease SMOOTH AS A CAT 215 Finals $2,505.68
T-2nd DEPUTY DROOPY Vick Etheridge Belle Terre Ranch Inc ONCE IN A BLU BOON 213 Finals $1,753.98
T-2nd REDNECK HILLBILLIE Makayla Cowan Cowan Ranch Inc LIGHT N LENA 213 Finals $1,753.98
4th R METALLIC JOSE Gary Reichart Gary & Michelle Reichart METALLIC CAT 211 Finals $1,202.73
T-5th GINIS BAMA ON TIME Kayla Norris Kayla M Norris BAMACAT 209 Finals $902.05
T-5th NACHO BIZNESS Hunter Williams Bradley Rogers DUAL REY 209 Finals $902.05
7th MY BOON AND STARS Jim Haworth James Haworth ONCE IN A BLU BOON 208 Finals $601.36
8th HOTT LIL CATT Duff Sinclair Billie Aylesworth HOTTISH 206 Finals $400.91
**** The following horses did not make the finals.
9th PLAYTO Carroll Young Carroll's Cutting LLC REY DUAL 202 Finals
T-10th HOT SAUZZ Langston Pattillo Pattillo Cutting Horses LLC IM COUNTIN CHECKS 214 1st Go
T-10th REYZN CATS Reyly Plendl Plendl, Regan & Reyly DUAL REY 214 1st Go
12th YES SIR WILL DO Mason Mefford Tamyra Kay Mefford CATTY HAWK 213.5 1st Go
13th BIT OF A KIT KAT Brenda Higbee Brenda Higbee KIT KAT SUGAR 213 1st Go
T-14th BARR DOWN Lee Gandy Lee Gandy SMOOTH AS A CAT 212 1st Go
T-14th MIREYCLE MAN Regan Plendl Plendl, Rick SMOOTH AS A CAT 212 1st Go
T-16th ALLSPICENOTHINGNICE Stacie Vanover Charles & Stacie Vanover SMOOTH AS A CAT 211 1st Go
T-16th CANTEBURY STAR Glenn Barlow Barlow Livestock Inc CANTEBURY CAT 211 1st Go
T-18th CATTY LIGHTS Makenzie Cowan Cowan Ranch Inc LIGHT N LENA 210 1st Go
T-18th COURT STREET SHUFFLE John Lavelle John P & Lora Lavelle HIGH BROW CAT 210 1st Go
20th WOLF CAT Stacie Vanover Charles & Stacie Vanover HIGH BROW CAT 208 1st Go
21st IM GROOT Chris Schiller Schiller-Rezabek DUAL SMART REY 206 1st Go
22nd LITTLE SMART HAWK John Lavelle John P & Lora Lavelle CATTY HAWK 204 1st Go
23rd SMART SMILEN REY Kristen York Thad & Kristen York DUAL SMART REY 180 1st Go
T-24th DOUBLE ZEE John Kratzer Cows & Horses Etc REYZIN THE CASH 0 1st Go
T-24th DUAL SMART SCOOT Hydie McAlister Hydie McAlister DUAL SMART REY 0 1st Go
T-24th SMOOTH DECEPTION Ravi Tumber Ravi Tumber SMOOTH AS A CAT 0 1st Go
T-24th TRUMPS TWITER CAT John Dallaire John Dallaire METELES CAT 0 1st Go