2021 Breeders Invitational
Derby Intermediate Am Senior Results
Place   Horse   Rider   Owner   Sire Score From Payout
1st PLAYTO Carroll Young Carroll's Cutting LLC REY DUAL 219 Finals $2,164.90
2nd CANTEBURY STAR Glenn Barlow Barlow Livestock Inc CANTEBURY CAT 213 Finals $1,731.93
3rd SMOOTH VIBRATIONS Eddie Young Eddie & Barbara Young SMOOTH AS A CAT 212 Finals $1,298.95
4th WOODYS TUFF STUFF Rick Thompson Rick Thompson WOODY BE TUFF 194 Finals $865.96
5th PRINCE OF CAT Rob Kuiper Rob W Kuiper SMOOTH AS A CAT 213 1st Go $649.47
T-6th BIT OF A KIT KAT Brenda Higbee Brenda Higbee KIT KAT SUGAR 212 1st Go $168.38
T-6th DEPUTY DROOPY Vick Etheridge Belle Terre Ranch Inc ONCE IN A BLU BOON 212 1st Go $168.38
T-6th SPECIAL NU LADY Janet Trefethen Corkscrew Ranch METALLIC CAT 212 1st Go $168.38
**** The following horses did not make the finals.
T-9th POOCAHONTAS Mark Pryor Pryor, Mark PLAYGUN 210 1st Go
T-9th STUNNINLLY ANNIE Tommy K Williams Tommy K Williams STUNNED 210 1st Go
11th IM GROOT Chris Schiller Schiller-Rezabek DUAL SMART REY 209 1st Go
12th LITEOFTHESILKYBOON Lydia Hartsell Gary & Lydia Hartsell ONCE IN A BLU BOON 207 1st Go
13th PURRRDY SMOOTH CAT Gene Walker Walker, Ward Heid & Gene SMOOTH AS A CAT 205 1st Go
14th TWICE AZ NICE Larry Bufkin Larry Bufkin SMOOTH TALKIN STYLE 200 1st Go
T-15th BE THERE SUEN Vick Pannell Vick Pannell BOON TOO SUEN 0 1st Go
T-15th ROYALE SMOOTH Rob Kuiper Rob W Kuiper SMOOTH AS A CAT 0 1st Go
T-15th SLOANE Rick French French Trucking Inc ONCE IN A BLU BOON 0 1st Go
T-15th TRUMPS TWITER CAT John Dallaire John Dallaire METELES CAT 0 1st Go