2021 Breeders Invitational
Derby Amateur Senior Results
Place   Horse   Rider   Owner   Sire Score From Payout
1st DEPUTY DROOPY Vick Etheridge Belle Terre Ranch Inc ONCE IN A BLU BOON 213 Finals $2,357.35
2nd METALICIOUS Gayle Karanges GKK Equine Interests LLC METALLIC CAT 212 Finals $1,936.39
3rd R METALLIC JOSE Gary Reichart Gary & Michelle Reichart METALLIC CAT 211 Finals $1,347.05
4th PLAYTO Carroll Young Carroll's Cutting LLC REY DUAL 202 Finals $1,010.29
T-5th ASPENGLOW Mary Jo Hawkins Bobby & Mary Jo Hawkins METALLIC CAT 213 1st Go $589.34
T-5th BIT OF A KIT KAT Brenda Higbee Brenda Higbee KIT KAT SUGAR 213 1st Go $589.34
T-5th SMOOTH VIBRATIONS Eddie Young Eddie & Barbara Young SMOOTH AS A CAT 213 1st Go $589.34
**** The following horses did not make the finals.
T-8th MIREYCLE MAN Regan Plendl Plendl, Rick SMOOTH AS A CAT 212 1st Go
T-8th SPECIAL NU LADY Janet Trefethen Corkscrew Ranch METALLIC CAT 212 1st Go
10th CANTEBURY STAR Glenn Barlow Barlow Livestock Inc CANTEBURY CAT 211 1st Go
T-11th COURT STREET SHUFFLE John Lavelle John P & Lora Lavelle HIGH BROW CAT 210 1st Go
T-11th POOCAHONTAS Mark Pryor Pryor, Mark PLAYGUN 210 1st Go
13th LEXILENAREY Richard Irby Richard Irby METALLIC CAT 209 1st Go
T-14th IM GROOT Chris Schiller Schiller-Rezabek DUAL SMART REY 206 1st Go
T-14th STUNNINLLY ANNIE Tommy K Williams Tommy K Williams STUNNED 206 1st Go
16th SARENA REY Richard Irby Richard Irby METALLIC CAT 205 1st Go
17th LITTLE SMART HAWK John Lavelle John P & Lora Lavelle CATTY HAWK 204 1st Go
18th LITEOFTHESILKYBOON Lydia Hartsell Gary & Lydia Hartsell ONCE IN A BLU BOON 203 1st Go
19th TWICE AZ NICE Larry Bufkin Larry Bufkin SMOOTH TALKIN STYLE 200 1st Go
20th MOONSHINE TALKS Gary Barker Barker Ranch CH LLC SMOOTH TALKIN STYLE 197 1st Go
T-21st HOT N KITTY Tom Williams Tom Williams HOTTISH 0 1st Go
T-21st TRUMPS TWITER CAT John Dallaire John Dallaire METELES CAT 0 1st Go