2021 Breeders Invitational
Derby Non Pro Wild Card Round Results
Took a 221.5 to advance to Finals
Place   Horse   Rider   Owner   Sire Score BIPayout
Adv GETTIN PLACES Darren Blanton Darren Blanton DUAL REY 222
Adv CHECK YER METAL Stuart Bozeman Stuart Bozeman METALLIC CAT 221.5
*** Took a 221.5 to advance to Finals
Split DIZZY MIZZ LIZZY Nadine Payne Nadine or James Payne SMOOTH AS A CAT 219 $2,020.20
Split MEANT TO BEE Alexa Stent Alexa Stent HIGH BROW CAT 217 $2,020.20
Split NOW YOU SEA ME Jacob Pinheiro Jacob Pinheiro HIGH BROW CD 216 $2,020.20
Split CARDI BAY Chelsea Tatum Chelsea & Cass Tatum ONE TIME ROYALTY 214 $2,020.20
Split NOW YER TALKIN CASH Gentry Gonsalves Susan Hearst REYZIN THE CASH 213 $2,020.20
Split PEACE BE STILL Dean Holden Dean Holden METALLIC CAT 213 $2,020.20
Split CAT ON A HOT TINROOF Dustin Adams Dustin & Deena Adams HOTTISH 0 $2,020.20
Split RATTLERS BABY PHAT Steven Feiner SMF Cutting Horses LLC SMOOTH AS A CAT 0 $2,020.20
Split REYZIN THE STYLE Von Sutten Von & Andrea Sutten REYZIN THE CASH 0 $2,020.20