2021 Breeders Invitational
SP5 Amateur Gelding Results
Place   Horse   Rider   Owner   Sire Score From Payout
1st KAT PLAY Hal Harvey Keene Hal Harvey Keene KIT KAT SUGAR 218 Finals $2,405.45
2nd BE HUMBLE AND KIND Amy Jones Jeff & Amy Jones METALLIC CAT 214 Finals $1,924.36
3rd BLU TOO SMART Chris Stanford Stanford Performance Horses ONCE IN A BLU BOON 211 Finals $1,443.27
4th METALLIC BONUS Gary Reichart Gary & Michelle Reichart METALLIC CAT 205 Finals $962.18
5th R RATED CAT Hydie McAlister Hydie McAlister HIGH BROW CAT 213.5 1st Go $721.64
6th BLUED METAL Troy Boutonnet Troy Boutonnet METALLIC CAT 213 1st Go $561.27
**** The following horses did not make the finals.
T-7th CR TOO TUFF TO BREAK Hydie McAlister Hydie McAlister WOODY BE TUFF 211 1st Go
T-7th HIGH REY TO HELL Buster Quirk Plantation Farms HIGH BROW CAT 211 1st Go
T-7th MC HAMMER TIME Tye Baca Tye Baca METALLIC CAT 211 1st Go
10th METALLIC TEASPOON Jody Radomske Harland Radomske METALLIC CAT 208 1st Go
11th GREATER EXPECTATIONS Debra Mullins Debra Mullins THIRD CUTTING 206 1st Go
12th BOHEMIANN RHAPSODY Buster Quirk Plantation Farms LLC METALLIC CAT 205 1st Go
13th HIGH CATTIN DUAL REY Charlene Lane George & Charlene Lane DUAL SMART REY 190 1st Go
T-14th ANONYMOUS CAT John Lavelle John P & Lora Lavelle SMOOTH AS A CAT 0 1st Go
T-14th CATTYCRAT Tommy K Williams Tommy K Williams CATTY HAWK 0 1st Go
T-14th SMART TIME KAT Trey Fricke Trey Fricke DUAL SMART REY 0 1st Go
T-14th TF REYSIN CHEX Ken Schultz R K Schultz DUAL REY 0 1st Go
T-14th WEST END CAT Cristy Erickson Sweet Blessings Ranch LLC SMOOTH AS A CAT 0 1st Go
T-14th WISKEEMAKESMEFRISKEE Jennifer Pine Mark & Rebecca Pine SMOOTH AS A CAT 0 1st Go